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muhammad ali, al capone, cher, charles manson and geraldo have in common we'll find out from geraldo refer -- re. >> it is getting worse in mexico. now they have a new target we'll tell you who, next. we'll tell you who, next. ambassador bo [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. . >> greta: it is like a slap in the face for democrats. according to a poll 33% of all americans say president obama's policies are making things worse economic up seven points since april. more registered voters think republicans would handle the economy better than democrats. 43%-39%. that's a 12 point gain f
of the creepest interviews? >> manson was responsible for nine murders, so was a guy joel riskin here in new york. they were responsible for nine murders, riskin killed him with his own hands but because his victims were prostitutes at the low end of the economic scale while manson's victims was actress shiarp tate and high end people on the west side of los angeles, he became much more notorious, rifkin was at least as creepy as manson. >> let's play a clip of this. >> look at your hand. just look at that. look at your hand. look at those hands. those are the instruments of brutal murder. >> correct. >> of nearly defenseless women. >> correct. >> and. and you say only part of you is a monster? >> i did some very monstrous things. but that is not all of me. >> yet you tell us, after committing the crimes that you slept peacefully? >> yes. >> you strangled 17 defenseless women, nearly defenseless women to death and you did it with contempt and disregard and with them cold and buried, you tell me you want to create a foundation to protect them, protect them against whom? >> you know how you could h
manson. so jill, we're getting ready to say good buy. >> i know. it breaks my heart. it's the highlight of my career with the city. what has been the impact of the crouching spider in san francisco? >> i think it's been an incredible coup for the city. a lot of her work came from her mother. her family repaired tapestry. she thought of mer mother as the spider, someone who protects her young who prepares the nest. and she was very, very de voted to her mother. i think it's gotten the public excited about public art. people pay attention to their environment. they wonder what's going to pop up next. so it's been incredibly positive. >> the public's art program, it's reputation has been spread nationally and internationally. so what do you think has been the affect or the utility of having a temporary arts program for you? >> i think with the temporary art work, everyone is sort of willing to take a chance. it allows us to be a little more risky. look at risks that are a little more experimental, a little more edgy. and often it represent less of an investment to public funds because we'r
's most disturbing characters, like mr. helter-skelter himself, mass killer charles manson. when he reached out my talk show had the tubeious disstings of being the highest rated show among his mates in san quinton prison. here's charlie. >> it's only the people who don't see tomorrow. it's only the people who don't know where they go, those are the people who strike out at random. >> it's only the people without tomorrow that can do violence to today. >> i admit, i influenced everybody out there at that ranch. i take responsibility for those nine people getting killed. >> do you feel remorse? >> i don't know what that is. >> you know what i think? i think that you are an evil person. >> right. i'm evil. i'm terrible. >> you are terrible. >> i'm awful. i'm awful. >> you are a murdering dog. >> i'm a terrible dog. >> and you are a mass murdering dog. >> a mass murdering dog. >> i don't want this. i don't like it. >> lisa, the battered child. and hedda, the bruised and beaten lover, and joel, wide-eyed and arrogant defend. they are the cast in this drama. >> how did your wife get beat
in to radicalism. she's known for uttering this unfortunate statement about the charles manson murders. "dig it. first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner the same room with them. then they even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach. wild." dohrn now respected member of society says she was lucky they didn't kill anyone. apparently dohrn doesn't consider terry gold, terry robins and ayers' girlfriend diana aughten people because they died in a premature explosion in bombs they were making in 1970. dohnr was also on f.b.i. most wanted list from 1970-1973. she is a sweetheart. bill ayers grew up in an upper middle class suburb of illinois. his dad was the ceo of a giant utility company, commonwealth edison. he attended exclusive prep school. maybe that's why he uses fancy language. he said he hated every minute of it there. he liked free thought, man. hi found at university of michigan they had free thought. he was key to turn toward militancy. now he says, now he says about the bombings that he doesn't have anything to apologize for. "i wish i had done more." more? >> that may have be
this immediately trigger memories of jonestown, heaven's gate, the branch davidians, the manson family and other notorious cults. my conversation with a cult expert mark galanter is coming up in a bit just here on the show. >>> back on american soil, after more than a year in an iranian prison sarah shourd is back in the u.s. following her release last week. shourd was let go after she reportedly found a lump in her breast, but now she says that doctors in oman told her she is physically well. shourd is one of three american hikers detained by iran after they allegedly crossed over the border from iraq in july of 2009. well, today she thanked iran for letting her go, but called on the country to release her fiance shane bauer and their friend josh fattal. shourd's arrival comes as iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is visiting new york. he's in town for the united nations general assembly session that begins tomorrow. in an interview with abc, ahmadinejad talked about the release of sarah shourd and said he would like to see some reciprocation from the u.s. >> translator: it's true that the i
: he covered over 5,000 miles, averaging about 100 miles per day. manson says he wants to thank all who donated to his cause and wants to remind us that even though his journey is... ...must continue. tom and harriet... announcer: every year 1 million families face losing their homes to foreclosure. because they don't know what to do, they do nothing. if you're in danger of losing your home, call us, because nothing is worse than doing nothing. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> this is our season premiere today and i am backstage in the new web centerwith dr. sears answering twitter and facebook questions live. send in your questions right now. you may just get a tweet back. >> where are we? >> we are getting a ton of great questions. this is from facebook, i am about to with switch my baby from formula to solids but i don't know what he would like. what's the best first solid food for babies. >> i like peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, pears on bananas, but my most favorite first food for babies and avocado. it's nice and squishy, easy to eat and plus there's a lot of rich omega 3 oi
turns out the same vehicle is wanted in connection with murder of 73-year-old man in hercules. manson 35-year-old frederick sales may also be a victim. he is missing. the suspect in the murder is a 38-year-old man whether say he was last seen driving that same car cadillac escalade. it is not clear what the connection is between the suspect and 2 missing women but police believe there is in fact a link. running it all down and more tonight 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >>> he was tazed in his own home as he was on his way to bed. tonight marin county sheriff's department responds to this video seen only from abc 7 nuchlts you can see 64-year-old peter mcfar land tazed by deputy three times. tonight vick lee with reaction from the sheriff's department. >>reporter: 64-year-old peter mac farland with a heart condition was tazed rae pete he hadly by a sheriff deputy in june of last year. >> it was excruciating. i never had so much pain in my life. >>reporter: dr. lee is a cardiologist at uc sf and done extensive research on the lethal effect of tazer. >> tazer has some real risk
:00 widespread '70s by noontime we should warming up and see plenty of '80s. maybe manson 90s through the delta also in the livermore valley all those 90 still in for the afternoon once again so those inland spots jumping up into the upper 90s once again. here's a look your numbers and to the afternoon, 94 santa rosa, the upper 80s for san rafael, also in tamale, san francisco yesterday we were at 91 now we are 82. still comfortable weather. 90s through palo alto. squeezing out some 90s through hayward and fremont san ramon valley bring in as temperatures upper 90s, 96 pittsburgh, 97 livermore today. overall another hot one. bringing '90s and to the forecasters and clara valley, san jose 90 degrees, your 7 day around the bay it shows a warming trend as we head towards the beginning of the work week. check out monday. hot day with temperatures around 104 degrees of greatest around the bay and upper '70s for the coast. hot weather through tuesday cooling through the midweek bringing temperatures into low 90s operators by the end of the week. still cool them but for the next couple of days the hea
. it reminds me of the charles manson case a little bit. the arbitrariness, the rape, theft, and arson. i don't get it. megyn this case almost makes no sense to me, because it's so unlike even the most grotesque of other crimes. and i'm against the death penalty, but i think i might even step up and flip the switch on this one. megyn: i mean, mark the thing from a legal perspective, that is interesting is to watch the defense attorneys try to defend this case. these guys wanted to plead guilty in exchange for life sentences and to their credit the prosecutor said no, and the father did not want life sentences for these two animals, so how are they defending this case? what are they saying? what angle are they pursuing? >> it's difficult, i've been there when clients don't want to take pleas or for some reason there is no motivation at all to take a plea you are forced to be there. to their credit they did one thing that i truly admire, after the surviving father testified with those horrific details they stood up and they said, no questions. there were no questions to ask him. their clients a
-sirhand to charles manson. in 1987 at age 71, howard brody traveled to france to cover the war crimes trial of clause barbi. he talks to us about what kept him going. >> i hoped to understand violence in my life. i had been exposed to it. four wars, five executions. i hoped to understand the human being. >> osgood: with that determination and his remarkable body of work, it's no wonder that walter cronkite once called howard brody the ultimate journalist. ♪ and finally the world finally stopped turning this past friday for the cast and crew of "as the world turns." the cbs soap opera that helped launch the careers of stars such as meg ryan. >> we never stopped loving each other. we never stopped believing in each other. >> reporter: and marissa. >> he's fun and smart and wonderful. >> reporter: after 54 years on the air time and sinking ratings finally caught up with the residents of never a dull moment oakdale, illinois. >> action. >> reporter: but only after a few last reflections from the local hospital chief dr. bob hughes played for 50 years by don hastings who wrapped up the series by retirin
, without at every juncture. philadelphia these people are die-hard fans my little joke about charles manson would play for the philadelphia eagles did say chalky mistake 30 years ago bugboy he sure help their team that wouldn't fly here people are too intelligent and summer guards and another regards the two politically correct. this guy would have a chance the forty-niners would be picketed every game and every practice as long as michael beck was there. >> let's get back to call the forty-niners and raiders are off to a bad start which time a team is better or should i say worse? >> i can give you a better indication on sunday i don't think either of them are very good. the forty-niners plan a weak division that if they can win on sunday at kansas city and think they have a chance to maybe have a decent season. the raiders' i just don't know. i don't mean to skip the deal but after two games to make educated gimme games and all tell you. >> who is the quarterback on the raiders, who is it, who is said. >> i love want to filmmaker rats to about 80 the purity you are good sport. >> if you h
look back at the interviews, charles manson, muhammad ali, one interview that stands out to you more than any other, saying that's it? >> in the context of what we were talking about in terms of terror in iraq and the mosque and all of that. i did an interview with yasser arafat the minute he got out of jail. incarcerated by the israelis after the failed 2000 effort the closest they came and arafat said something to me that resonates today. he says i wish i had taken bill clinton's deal. if only-- and you look back and that's the-- remember, gore lost, you know, so from november to december, clinton was the lame duck. if he'd taken that deal, he would have a nation now. >> sure. >> and to come so close and to blow it because he didn't trust that the administration could deliver the israelis, but they were so close and that, that wistful notion almost obtaining a goal because of false pride and recognizing it late in your life. >> now continues. >> now it continues and the grind. >> what a career this guy has had. we could all be so lucky, catch the special tonight. >> great footages.
. people don't think obama per se is a dangerous man, he's not charles manson, he's not osama bin laden. what the disagreement with him is is about obama's policies. a lot of people think that his policies are reckless, that they've taken a bad economic situation and made it worse. megyn: some believe his policies are social lis. >> reporter: and dangerous. megyn: there is a distinction between saying he's a social lis and saying some of his policies seem socialistic which doesn't seem like an extreme view to have but it's completely dismissed by the author of this. >> reporter: this criticism is coming from the left. jonathan alter is a left wing guy. he wrote a fawning biography of obama which came out a few months ago. they bent over backwards to help this guy get elected. they protected him. they did not do strong investigative journalism into his backed and what he stood for in the campaign. they see his poll numbers down to 40% and they are doing the best they can to protect this guy at spence -- expense of honesty. megyn: remember this one sewing sarah palin taking a picture she
-shirt, charles manson. people divorced the charm of the guy from the nine people he slaughtered, including sharon tate, he turned her upside down and slit her pregnant girlfriend. or her girlfriend did. >> gretchen: we did not show the clip of you dancing in the '80s with john travolta. i saw that on another show and your shorts were short. look at his shorts! oh, my gosh. >> doing "staying alive." we rapped about that day and talked about those pants that me -- >> gretchen: look how hot you are! >> mike: this guy is still that fit! >> gretchen: no kidding. i told somebody in management here that -- sorry, no one can compete with geraldo with a short t-shirt in afghanistan. still today. >> peter: look at the hair change. >> the pop culture history of america when you watch my hair. i remember so many people i worked with and g.i.'s we lost, i don't want to bring people down, but it's been an amazing career. the one constant has always been regardless of where i was in life at that particular time, up or down, the audience has always stayed with me. that has been my life line. >> peter: on behalf
hercules man, that manson was also missing this morning carried >> the time right now 747, were now is take a lot of the lives of the golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear this morning beautiful traffic doesn't look so bad this morning. we're in the missile will keep catch today and tomorrow. >> some people have been complaining, but not having a summer i'm same work and have won today definitely tomorrow. will likely occur only if the degrees, game after a 90 ronyon time high today of 96. and back down into these by the o'clock hour. overalls of the war forecast for you. pretty similar to where we were yesterday's just a few degrees warmer. jack london square and all cleaning up 88 degrees. tonya sunshine in san francisco coming in around 84 degrees. cecil's hot spots for you is prematurely, everywhere today. in sentences so curly of 59 degrees 15 to oakland, we're see low 60s down from honduras and was a period of into the afternoon were going to warm up to see plenty of '90s. at a cephalon common number for today. they're filled to the of into the upper 90s, all of the peninsula's, a p
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)